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Dashboards For Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel is by far the most used spreadsheet and analytical tool in use toady. Many user don't realize it's true potential and usefulness.
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Turn Your Spreadsheets Into Visual Data
Let XLdashboards.com unlock and unleash Excel into a true data visualization tool by creating you a visual dashboard connected to all your spreadsheet data and databases into one visual impact tool.
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Data Visualization is the Future of Business Intelligence
Did you know that we can build a Dashboard with variable sliders that permit you to visually manipulate data and create what-if scenarios. What if we reduced inventory, manpower and visually see what happens to the bottom line. Yes, dashboards are powerful tools. Can us now and see what we can do.
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Welcome to our website!
XL Dashboard specialize in Dashboards whether they are done in Microsoft Excel or not. We emphasize Excel because it is the most widely used analytical tool in today's market but certainly not the only one. We build dashboards for any type of data. This could be used for geographical analysis,or by country, province, state, religion, political. It could be for vertical market like the pharmaceutical industry, for manufacturing, sales, HR, aviation , Hospitals you name it, dashboards are everywhere. WHAT'S NEW ? well small business can now use the big business tool and that's what were excited about.
Company overview
XL Dashboards.com is part of a larger family, we are part of the Data Cube Group. Data Cube Inc. is a business intelligence and Business Consulting company. It has been doing data analysis and database development for over 15 years. Data Cube Inc. also specialize in small to medium size business consulting. They work with small businesses everyday, assisting in start-ups, financing, product development and investor sourcing. Well entrenched in the data field with Data Cube Inc. IT division, Excel-techs.com, BI for XL.com, and in 2012 / 2013 expanding into the business market with StudentMBAs.com, the well established www.Business in Distress.com and the forthcoming www.Globalbiz1.com with the aim of quickly becoming # 1 in the global business market. We are not just XL Dashboards.com we are a whole family of businesses working for small business.
Dashboards give you a birds eye view of your entire business in one glance Create KPI's (key point indicator's) set a threshold of 44 man hrs on a project. When it hits 38 you get a yellow alert on your screen, hit 45 and your alert turns red. That's called micro management. Oversee your entire business operation while sitting on a beach in Mexico.
Outsourcing doesn't mean sending your work overseas, in different time zones, language barriers and substandard results. Outsourcing can be across town, across the country it doesn't matter, we are still just a phone call away or a simple email request away. Not so different than your present situation, except our staff is ready and waiting to serve you and it leaves your office staff free to do other productive things. So, what's the difference from overseas outsourcing? if there is an issue we can drive to your office.
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